“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” 

― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Thepunjabiwanderer.com is about the places we have been to and want to visit. We also throw-in a wee bit of ‘hacks’, ‘tricks’, ‘how-to’s’, etc. to share our humble wisdom.

After doing a number of treks, hikes, family-trips, solo-trips, road trips, bike-trips, etc. and having a priceless experience each time, we have learnt that ‘travelling’ is not leisure, it’s a necessity.

We mostly travel across our country, India. And the more places we visit, the more amazed we get with its versatility.

We’d be filthy rich if we had a penny for every time we went to a new place and felt like we had come to a whole new country.

About the founders:


I got to travel a lot with my family as a kid , but it was 2014 which brought out the real traveller in me. Since then I have been hiking / riding almost every month. Travelling to me is a lifestyle in which your everyday concerns are what to eat and where to sleep; no future plannings, just living in the present.


It’s hard to say what excites me more – travelling or writing. So I do both; write for a living and hike to live.

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  1. atul says:

    Last week I came to punjab..beautiful place..amazing peoples but I didnt find GAJRELLA anywhere. Can u please tell me where is gajrella shop?

    1. Devang Sethi says:

      Atul, gajrella is nothing but gajar ka halwa 🙂

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