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I got a lot of queries for the eurotrip cost breakup on my previous blog How to plan a eurotrip under 1.25 lacs “. If you are new to my blog, go check it out and see the video as well.

So without further ado, let’s come to the point.

Eurotrip cost breakup

Expense HeadCost in INRDetails
Air Tickets50,000Delhi - Amsterdam (Finn Air) and Dubrovnik - Delhi (Turkish Airlines)
VISA5,500Netherlands Embassy
Travel Insurance1,800United India Insurance
Hostels14,200Amsterdam 2N, Berlin 2N , Prague 1N , Plitvice 1N , Split 2N, Dubrovnik 2N
CouchsurfingFREESaxon Swiss National Park, Budapest, Ljubljana
Tours & Activities18,500Keukenhof Gardens, Zaanse Schanz, Walking tours in Berlin and Prague, Concentration Camp tour in Berlin, Pubcrawl in Berlin and Split, Budapest Eye, Postonja Caves, Split old town, Dubrovnik city walls, Sea Kayaking
Inter-city and Intra-city Travels17,000EuroBus, FlixBus, Intra-city Metro, S-Bahn, Intra-city Bus

In case you didnt notice, the table has a slider 🙂

All cash ? Or card ?

Your next concern might be that should I carry all the money in cash from India? Well, I carried 300 € with me in cash and 1000 € (a little bit extra) in a travel card to cover my eurotrip cost.

For those who are not aware of these travel cards, you can get them from banks like Axis, ICICI and HDFC or from Thomas Cook and get them loaded with Euros. The added benefit of these cards over your credit cards is that you can use these anywhere in Europe without any additional charges.

I would suggest online forex companies like , they deliver forex right at your doorstep at the best rates.

But you will be charged extra for ATM withdrawals on using travel cards. Generally it is 102 euros for 100 euros but that varies with the ATM. I withdrew 100 euros in Berlin and I was charged 114 euros (I got a warning as well on the ATM screen, but I wanted the money desperately). So, be careful with that. My suggestion is, carry some extra cash from here and keep the card as your preferred mode of payment wherever possible.

Nevertheless, the travel card was really helpful.

How to deal with other local currencies ?

For the countries having their own local currencies like Czech ,Hungary and Croatia; you have two options:

  1. Exchange only a small amount for street food and local transport and keep using your travel card, wherever possible.
  2. Exchange your full daily quota of money.

I will go for the first choice. Because then I don’t need to withdraw extra euros to exchange.  The card provider will charge me some conversion fee, but the exchange shops will charge me their commission as well. So, net conversion rate will turn out to be the same.

Pro Tip : Just buy something from a store and give them 20 € bill, they will give the change in local currency.

I hope this answers your queries. You can still ask me anything in the comments. I am working on dedicated blogs for all the cities that I visited; if you want any specific city blog first, let me know in the comments section !


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  1. Jasmine K says:

    Prague.. If you can tell me where you stayed there? What all you saw? About food.

    1. Devang Sethi says:

      Unfortunately, in Prague I just spent a day. So I didn’t stay anywhere, had booked Ananas hostel though. Did a Sandeman’s free walking tour, special foods were cream rolls and beer.
      From Prague you must do a day tour to Bohemian Switzerland National Park. I spent 2 days there.

  2. Amar Shukla says:

    Thanks for the detail, might be useful in future 🙂

    1. Devang Sethi says:

      Dont delay too much 🙂

  3. shweta Modgil says:

    Hi Devang, which hostel did you stay in at Amsterdam?

    1. Devang Sethi says:

      Hey I stayed in shelter city hostel. But I wont recommend this. It has 20 bed dorms ! There are other good ones which were full when I tried to book. Bulldog is a good one that I have heard of.

  4. debjani0401 says:

    Yay ..this is the heads up I was looking for !!

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